We must move throughout the day. According to the experts, the new smoking is sitting, that’s right, science has shown that sitting all day at home, work, car or wherever is equally as hazardous to your body as smoking!  So, if you are one of those who work out hard 1 hour a day (or not at all) but spend the rest of the day sitting in a chair, on a couch, or in a seat, this is not helping you live a healthier lifestyle. You must find ways to get moving, every day. Maybe it’s a short walk on your lunch break or just getting up every hour and walk around the office or floor. Try petitioning to have a stand-up work station and do bodyweight squats. Some people are creative and can make their own stand up desk if it means that much to them.

A great office challenge would be that everyone does 50 air squats/day and steps away from their desk or station at least 4 times a day. Whatever it is, get moving at multiple times throughout the entire day! It is easy to do if you use an app or reminder on your computer or phone every hour or so to remind you to get up, move, stretch and look away from the screen. Another option is to get a fitness tracker or smart watch and track how many steps you are really getting each day, you might be shocked.  ~Coach Robert Roos