Sport Specific Training


Basic strength and conditioning programs for sport can be found in almost every high school across the nation, but as the level of athleticism increases, so does the need for sport specific training that is above and beyond a basic program.  TITAN offers athletes a training program specific to each individual sport need’s and focuses on your athlete’s sport movements and maximizes performance while correcting any deficiencies that an outdated progressive program just can’t do.  Our “Outside the box” training focuses on your athletes needs and trains the body to be a sport machine and not a boxed program everyday athlete.



TITAN’S Baseball sport program is specifically formulated to build maximum strength throughout the body, rotational power for hitting and throwing, and linear speed all athletes need to excel on the field.  TITAN incorporates posterior chain work, rotator cuff stability, and fascial movement prehab to keep player’s shoulders and elbows healthy all season.

Options: Position Specific

Injury Prevention: Shoulders, Elbows, Asymmetric Overuse Injuries


TITAN will develop a sport program around maximum strength, explosive power, and the lateral quickness it takes to dominate the court.  The result is an increased step acceleration, faster change of direction and higher vertical jump.  Titan’s prehab program will cover glute strength and core stability to prevent knee and hip injuries and proprioceptive measures for ankle stability.

Injury Prevention: Hips, Knees, Ankles



TITAN will develop a sport program to increase stamina on the course, core stability, and recovery methods to aid in withstanding force and fatigue on the body’s joints.

Injury Prevention: Hips, Knees, Ankles



This TITAN sport program is designed to add total body muscle mass and strength, speed, power, and explosiveness players need to dominate the field.  Nutrition is a key component to success in this program.

Injury prevention: Neck, Knees, Back, Ankles



The TITAN golf program is designed to develop rotational power, total-body strength, and the core stability and focuses on building back and core strength to improve the force transfer from the legs and hips through the torso which makes each swing more powerful.

Targeted Injury Prevention:  Back, Asymmetric overuse



TITAN’s Soccer sport programming is specifically developed to increase stamina, total-body strength, and lateral quickness that results in better agility, quickness, faster first-step acceleration, and fewer overuse injuries that players need to stay dynamic and explosive the entire game.

Targeted Injury Prevention: Knee, Hip, Hamstrings, Shins, and Ankles


TITAN’s  Softball sport program is specifically tailored to strengthen rotational power, lateral quickness, speed and agility to produce powerful throwing, hitting, speed and quickness in base running and dominate the field both offensively and defensively.

Injury Prevention: Ankles, Knees, RTC


TITAN has developed multiple event programming options to cover this multi-disciplined sport. Whether your event is Throwing, Sprinting, or Jumping, TITAN has a program to maximize your results and dominate your field.

Targeted Injury Prevention:  Shoulder Pain, Elbow Pain, Quads, Hamstrings, Shins, and Feet.


Titan’s volleyball sport program make you a powerful athlete in all planes of motion. We build stamina to keep you strong through the entire game along with rotational power and explosiveness. 

Targeted Injury: Shoulders, Low Back, Knees, Ankles